Welcome to the homepage of www.site-scan.com. While it all started with writing our own Google sitemaps generator and making this tool available to the public as a free online-utility, over the time we added some additional useful tools for webmasters, in particular:


When we decided to participate with our company website in the Google sitemaps program, it was running on a shared server and the setup didn't allow us to run scripts from the command line in order to generate our sitemap. And because we didn't find any free Google sitemaps generator which really met our requirements we decided to develop our own software, which later on was made available as an free online-utility for public use. Compared to other sitemaps generators Site-Scan offers a lot of additional features which help you to pin-point any problems other spiders like search-engines might face while crawling your website, for a more detailed description of these features please refer to the Site-Scan main page.


While our own websites contain only a limited number of external links, we noticed that a number of our friends complained about keeping track of the numerous external links scattered all over their webpages. So we decided to add a modified version of Site-Scan, which we named X-Site-Scan, whereby the "X" stands for eXternal. Like Site-Scan, it crawls your website according to the rules set by you, but instead of generating a Google sitemap, showing vital information about your own webpages and finding any problems related to your internal links X-Site-Scan will verify and display the status of all external links found on your website and show you which links require closer attention or need to be updated, for further information please refer to the X-Site-Scan main page.

HTTP response headers tool

When we developed Site-Scan and tested it on different webpages we needed an advanced HTTP response headers tool to verify the results produced by Site-Scan and to trace down any bugs. There is a huge number of these tools available on the internet, but we are located in the South-East-Asian region, and when testing these tools on websites encoded in Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic character sets none of those we tried was capable of translating the response headers in question into UTF-8 and to display them properly using the original characters. This is why we added our own HTTP response headers tool, which currently translates more than 150 different character sets into UTF-8. Besides this, it gives you the option to request either for a HEAD or GET request and additionally offers to check whether your server returns the proper response to an "If-Modified-Since" request. As an example you can check the results for a GET request for www.yomiuri.co.jp, but make sure you installed the required Japanese fonts for your browser before trying it!

Google PageRank™ tool

To cut it short, if you would like to query the Google PageRank™ for your webpages, but you are reluctant to install any additional software or browser-extensions on to your computer you can use this free Google PageRank tool.


As a value-added feature we also offer to download a number of internet-related information and useful software-utilities developed by other programmers from our website, please take a look at our download-section.

If you should face any problems while using our online-tools, have suggestions how to improve our website or would like to add other resources to our download-page please feel free to contact us.

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