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We hope our Site-Scan and the other tools will help you to improve the accessibility and quality of your website and its ranking in the search-engines, thus leading to an increased number of visitors. Even though we already put a lot of time and efforts in the development of these tools, we know that are a still a number of areas to improve on, and we mainly depend on your feedback to trace for problems and to extend the functionality. However, before contacting us, please take note of the following points:

  • Site-Scan is designed to crawl your website like a common search-engine and to give you an indication whether certain links on your webpages are difficult to find. This means we do not take pride in finding each and every link on your website, but rather want to show you where you should change your design in order to make your webpages more accessible.

  • There are many different server platforms and technologies on the internet, and we try to cover as many as possible. However, certain combinations may not be fully covered yet, or only with restricted functionality. We are working on improving this situation, but restrictions will always apply, as they do for search-engines.

  • Our webpages, including the result-pages generated by our online-tools, are currently using XHTML 1.0 Strict in connection with cascading style sheets and variable fonts This improves readability on screens with varying resolutions and also permits an easy adjustment of the display for optimum viewing via the zoom-capabilities which are now included in all major browsers. Should you have problems viewing our pages or should they appear scrambled please make sure you check for the newest version of your browser, from our own experiences we recommend Opera because it zooms text and graphics without disturbing the page-layout.

  • When notifying us about a problem, don't send a generic email like "Why doesn't it work for me ?". For example, if you are facing problems while using Site-Scan or X-Site-Scan we need detailed information including your root/start-URL, the options selected by you, the time and date the scan started and what problem(s) exactly occurred. And we hope for your understanding that in general we do not reply to your emails, but rather use the collected information to improve our online-tools. This is not because we lack good manners, but because the people maintaining this free online-tool need some time to earn their living as well...

  • And finally, these tools are provided as a free online-utilities, and people spent their off time to develop them and will try to do so in future to further improve it. We hope they are useful to you and you like them, but if not - nobody is forcing you to use them!

So if you want to notify us about problems which occurred while using online-tools, you have some comments or just want to send us a positive feedback in order to keep us motivated, please feel free to contact

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When we designed our online-tools we took great care to avoid any possible abuse, please refer to the section on abuse prevention on information how to prevent unauthorized access of our crawlers to your website. However, should you think these utilities have been used in an irresponsible or malicious way, please contact

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As mentioned before, a lot of time and efforts went into the development of these tools, and hopefully will in future. Besides this, maintaining the server and covering the required bandwidth causes additional expenses which have to be covered to keep this project alive. If your business is IT-related, you like the functionality of these tools and would like to have your banner displayed on this website, please contact

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Your support will help us to allocate the required resources for the further development and improvement of these tools and to keep it available for free.

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