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So, you followed every advice available on the internet to improve your webpages, e.g.:

  • All your webpages contain a doctype-declaration and valid html-code.
  • Each webpage contains a unique title as well as content description.
  • You included the correct content encoding and robot meta tags into the headers of your webpages.
  • Your robots.txt file does not exclude search-engines from crawling pages you actually want to be indexed.
  • All your webpages, starting from the index-page, contain static links to all other webpages on your website so crawlers will be able to spider them.
  • You are using <h1>, <h2> and the other header-tags to structure your content and tell the search-engines about the relevance of each heading.
  • You configured your server so that it will do a permanent redirect for non-canonical URLs to the correct canonical URLs.
  • You made sure that your server replies with the correct response codes, etc "404 - Not Found", where required.
  • You have sufficient good incoming links, especially deep links (links to specific webpages instead to your root-URL), etc, etc...

But was it all worth it? Well, you should know from the traffic arriving at your website, but in case of Google you can also check the PageRank for a specific URL. The Goggle PageRank tells you how Google evaluates your webpages, giving them values between 0 (low ranking) to 10 (high ranking). While this information is also available from the Google toolbar, you can use this tool to query the PageRank without installing the toolbar.

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  • This tool requires a browser with meta-refreshs enabled.
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