While Site-Scan checks your internal links and generates your Google sitemap while crawling your website, X-Site-Scan is a complementary tool which validates all external links found on your website. Main features include:

  • Full crawling capability. You can control which parts of your website are crawled by means of the start-URL, the rules set in your robots.txt file and other options. This allows you to check single webpages, certain parts of your website or your entire website.

  • Fast processing. While crawling your website in a "linear" fashion, using a persistent connection if supported by your server, all external URLs found are fed into a buffer which then feeds up to 40 asynchronous background processes to validate these URLs.

  • Detailed results. X-Site-Scan will tell you exactly which URLs are okay and which URLs have to be updated, e.g. in case of a 301 or 404 response code. Furthermore, instead of returning a generic 500 response code it tells you exactly what problem occurred when requesting an URL, for example an URL-error, unable to resolve the IP-address for the given domain, server unreachable, request timed out etc.

  • Simplified error correction. While crawling your website X-Site-Scan generates a database containing information about all webpages scanned. If your results show a problem with an external URL simply click on it and X-Site-Scan will tell you which of your webpages contain links to this URL.

  • HTTPS enabled. X-Site-Scan is also capable of verifying external URLs using the HTTPS-protocol.

X-Site-Scan is subject to the same restrictions and limits as Site-Scan, please refer to our news webpage to check out the currently active limits.

First-time users:

As with Site-Scan, we strongly recommend you thoroughly read the webpages about using Site-Scan and using X-Site-Scan before starting it for the first time. Once you modified your robots.txt file - if required - and know how to use and set the other options you can start X-Site-Scan.

Regular users:

You might consider to take a look at our news webpage in order to keep yourself up-to-date with any changes and to fully utilize the latest improvements we implemented before starting a new X-Site-Scan

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